August 07, 2013

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I have spent hours and hours playing with my camera in the dark and on this occasion we spent two evening playing with cameras, flashes and lights!!

It took us a while to get some good shots but once I had worked out what worked best we were able to shot away and get some awesome fun photography's.

The camera was on a tri pod, set to bulb with the remote on so I could expose the ...


July 14, 2013

A few months ago I stumbled across a picture of a neon sign which looked as if it was moving... I was intrigued and decided to investigate how this was done and it was super simple!!

All you need is your camera with a lens that you can zoom with and a tri-pod! I have only experimented with this effect at night but I believe it is possible in the day too. I used a location where there was a number of buildings with lights on and plenty of street lights. I set the camera to an ISO of 100 and then spent the evening playing with the aperture and shutter speed while simply zooming out with the lens while the photograph was exposing... it's that simple but super effective. I ended up using an aperture of F/4 with a shutter ...


June 12, 2013

Saturday the 8th of June produced another perfect day for Sarah and Simons big day, finally June was beginning to feel like summer! The happy couple got married in the Beautiful Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Great Alne. Cream tea and pink lemonade was enjoyed by all in the glorious sunshine followed by group photographs. As the guests began to make ther way to the Brides house in Shenstone we had a short slot to photograph the bride and groom before following the guests back to Shenstone.


April 23, 2013

I have never met such a chilled out Bride and Groom on their wedding day!

What a cracking couple and their day really reflected their personalities. A small civil service followed by a short and sweat photo session, including some fun shots with everyone. A trip to the beach for the two water lovers was an essential for the day, stunning scenory and a low sun meant I could get some dramatic shots of the bride and groom, where they really relaxed and enjoyed the sea views! As the night drew in the hog roast went down a treat ( followed by a night of dancing to a live band and fun times at the photo booth.


March 10, 2013
30 + knots of wind and mast high waves! Today was a day to wrap up warm and watch the action rather than braving the cold water and the monster waves!! It was defiantly worth it, watching from the beach was epic, the arial moves and wave riding was great fun to watch and capture through the camera. The spray of the back of the waves and the dull light made for some atmospheric pictures.
Friday Night Lights

March 09, 2013
Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 10.35.08 While most people are putting on their party dresses and heels I am getting my camera ready and wrapping up in my wooly hat and my down jacket for my friday night on the town. Plymouth proved to be a beautiful place at night.... I started at the old Bombed out Church that still stands in the middle of a roundabout and played with some longer and shorter exposures getting some funky effects. I then moved down to the barbican where the light was perfect, ...