March 09, 2013
Friday Night Lights

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 10.35.08

While most people are putting on their party dresses and heels I am getting my camera ready and wrapping up in my wooly hat and my down jacket for my friday night on the town.

Plymouth proved to be a beautiful place at night…. I started at the old Bombed out Church that still stands in the middle of a roundabout and played with some longer and shorter exposures getting some funky effects. I then moved down to the barbican where the light was perfect, the water was still and the lights from the building brought the whole place to life. On my walk home I took one last stop at a busy cross roads to see what Images I could get from all the cars and traffic lights.

Its amazing the shots you can achieve at night, it has made me see Plymouth in a whole different way.