August 07, 2013
The Flash Effect

 IMG_1643 2-2

I have spent hours and hours playing with my camera in the dark and on this occasion we spent two evening playing with cameras, flashes and lights!!

It took us a while to get some good shots but once I had worked out what worked best we were able to shot away and get some awesome fun photography’s.

The camera was on a tri pod, set to bulb with the remote on so I could expose the photographs for any period of time. The ISO was set to 400 on this occasion, I had a wide 10mm lens on which meant it was easier to ensure the subject was in shot. The flash was not on the camera as we found it needed to be close to what ever I was taking a photograph of.


To get this effect I would manually focus the camera on the subject, they would then pose for the first picture in that same position I had focused on them, once I pressed the shutted on the camera I left it open to continue exposing until I wanted it to stop (most exposures were between 10 and 30 seconds). While the photograph was being exposed someone else had the external flash and they would manually flash it on the subject, the subject would then move and be flashed again, they could then move and be flashed as many times as they wanted to be in the picture although the more times you flash the more faded the first image of the subject becomes.

This is a great fun thing to try although you need time, patients and a few spare pairs of hands!