July 14, 2013
The Zoom Effect

A few months ago I stumbled across a picture of a neon sign which looked as if it was moving… I was intrigued and decided to investigate how this was done and it was super simple!!

All you need is your camera with a lens that you can zoom with and a tri-pod! I have only experimented with this effect at night but I believe it is possible in the day too. I used a location where there was a number of buildings with lights on and plenty of street lights. I set the camera to an ISO of 100 and then spent the evening playing with the aperture and shutter speed while simply zooming out with the lens while the photograph was exposing… it’s that simple but super effective. I ended up using an aperture of F/4 with a shutter speed between 4 or 8 seconds. Depending on how quickly you zoom out depends on the effect you get and the same with the shutter speed and aperture. You will need to be really careful with the camera as you zoom to ensure you don’t shake the camera too much. I also had a go at just adjusting the focus on some of these images too, paired with the long exposure and bright lights it created these bright spotty lights!

Have a go its great fun and the effects are really interesting.